Bratislava Competence Center – About us

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. With about 54,000 employees, it provides a wide range of property and casualty, and life insurance products and services in more than 210 countries and territories. Zurich’s customers include individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, as well as multinational corporations.

Zurich Bratislava is a Slovakia-based Competence Center for highly specialized services in the areas of Life and non-life actuarial, risk management, business intelligence, IT application development and service management as well as insurance network.

An international workforce of more than 240 colleagues are supporting Zurich’s Corporate Center and Business Units around the globe.

Our teams

  • Life Business Actuarial and Finance Services

    Life Business Actuarial and Finance Services

    Bratislava based Life Business Actuarial and Finance Services is an internal global service provider for the Zurich Life Actuarial Functions across the globe to provide insight, analysis, reports and advice on the Life business unit’s performance and valuations.

    • Reporting team supports local Business units in respect of actuarial reporting for Group and for local authorities. Part of the team is allocated to support Global functions in respect of technical queries and another part to support the Treasury, Investment & SWIFT SAP systems.
    • Finance Solution Management team is located in Bratislava and it is responsible for 2nd level support for business users for Global finance applications including managing the incident ticketing tool. We implement all business requirements and changes for the Global finance applications including master data management and participation in finance transformation projects.
    • Switzerland Capital Management team is an extension of the actuarial team based in Switzerland and it provides capital management support for business unit Switzerland.
    • Prophet Model Development team provides support to Zurich Business Units within Europe and North America in the following areas:
    • Model developments in Prophet software (life actuarial projections tool)
      DCS developments (tool for managing data),
      Developments of tools for reporting purposes and managing data in Excel
      Analysis of models' outputs

    • Replicating Portfolio team uses mathematical models and tools to deliver:
    • Replicating Portfolios for all Life Business Units
      Economic assumptions for all Life Business Units

    • GLA Effective Team is an extension of the Group Life Actuarial team based in Corporate Centre which reviews all actuarial figures submitted by the BUs across all Global Life functions world-wide.
    • IFRS 17 Team is developing and implementing new central end to end solution for IFRS 17 for our life business.
  • Risk Management Services
    • Risk Management Platform is a team of software architects, software engineers, data scientist and data modellers who are providing services for Zurich’s Risk Management Platform:
    • Development for hosted applications, e.g. risk modelling applications
      Ad-hoc analytics services both of which are based on a number "platform capabilities" / services


    • Life Model Risk Management team specializes in the technical areas of life actuarial and analytical software development, providing the services to Group Risk Management, specifically Life Model Risk Management. The team's responsibilities include:
    • Life Implementation Testing of life valuation models
      Technical support of wider validation of the life valuation models
      Technical support of validation of the capital/risk models

    • The Capital and Risk Production team is a part of the Group Risk Management department in Zürich and provide services for Internal Economic Capital Model and Solvency II Standard Formula and Quantitative Reporting Templates:

    • Internal Economic Capital Model:

      Premium and Reserve risk production
      Aggregation of risks across risk categories and business
      New Business Risk Based Return Measure
      Available Financial Resources
      Continuous enhancement of modelling implementation and documentation

      Solvency II Standard Formula and Quantitative Reporting Templates:

      Support to development, testing, documentation and production of the regulatory models and reports
      Support to users of the Solvency II Risk Engine and Abacus
      Coordination of input delivery across Corporate Center departments

  • Commercial Insurance IP Service Center Slovakia

    Commercial Insurance IP Service Center Slovakia

    The IP Network Service Centre Slovakia, is one of five Zurich Network Service Center globally, supporting our global clients to insure their risks in over 30 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It consists of the following teams:

    • IPZ Network Service Center Slovakia
    • IPZ Assumed Accounting Team Slovakia
    • IPZ IT Reporting Team
  • EDAA Data Analytics Delivery

    EDAA Data Analytics Delivery

    Our team is part of the Enterprise Transformation Team in Group Operations. Our main objective is to act as an execution partner for Business Units and Group Functions for the implementation of their data strategy through the delivery of expertise, platforms and services under terms that are superior to local alternatives. In Bratislava the team provide services across the full Data Analytics Delivery portfolio.

    • The Service Management team integrates the new solutions into the overall application portfolio and takes over management of the daily operation tasks andcollaborates with Operations and Platform Management team on maintaining the overall environment handling the problem tickets and keeping the platforms up-to-date.
    • Integration and Platform Management team collaborates with the Service Management on enhancing and maintaining the overall environment, handling the problem tickets and keeping the platforms up-to-date.
    • The Solution Design & Delivery & Data Science team provides E2E solution to address their needs utilizing the Zurich data strategy provided by EDAA's Data Management and architecture team. The team can design and deliver the full required solution through team of business analyst, developers and project managers.
    • Business management team provide internal services to EDAA such as procurement, invoicing, finance.
    • Commercial Insurance Development team provides senior analytics and development services to Commercial Insurance business unit using latest technologies on Big Data platform.


  • IT Services

    IT Services

    We provide Service Management for applications and platforms, application development services and projects as well as data analysis for business units and Zurich’s customers in over 150 countries worldwide. IT Services consist of the following teams:

    • ITS Operations
    • ITS Insurance Solutions
  • Non-life Pricing & Analytics Services

    Non-life Pricing & Analytics Services

    Serving our customers since 2007 allowed us to help in a variety of areas within Property and Casualty Insurance. We take your data and deliver impactful insights.

    • Reserving team is an integral part of Zurich’s Non-Life Reserving team within Group Finance and support a wide range of activities across the Group regarding business unit reserving, capital analysis and regulatory submissions. In addition, we are involved in developing the Reserving tools and operating model for the future.
    • Europe Middle East & Africa team started supporting pricing initiatives in European countries 10 years ago. Since then we have developed a solid team that is providing both project works and performs regular tasks needed to report our key Pricing KPIs. In addition, we created a comprehensive training program for new joiners in local pricing teams across the globe. As the Data Science stream is picking up pace, we are extending our services in this area.
    • Zurich North America team, as part of the Predictive Analytics team in North America, we work on cutting-edge analytics models based on a variety of statistical, data mining and machine learning approaches to deliver distinctive risk insights across a broad scope of topics, to achieve ongoing financial business impact. Our main focus is to improve underwriting decisions by quantifying the risk, identifying potential customers and prioritize based on potential profitability and improve the assignments in the claim handling process.
    • Global Commercial Insurance team supports group activities within our Commercial Insurance Underwriting team especially focusing on Data. This involves data collection and pricing algorithms management within pricing tools, but also data analytics within Data Lake.
    • Global UW Excellence and GI Claims team focuses on a unique cross-function reporting platform based on Business objects that provides insights into company performance including finance and reserving team, capital team and Underwriting team KPIs. We are also involved in underwriting planning activities. We are running data mining projects and services by gathering huge amounts of complex claims data from hundreds of information systems around the globe to help Zurich’s leadership at corporate and country levels make the right decisions.
    • Guidewire support for Swiss SME Team - when new insurance contract is going to be issued for a customer, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Before processing payments and filling in local admin systems, risk (house, car, …) needs to be assessed, which means a lot of information is collected. It starts with information about the insured, continues with understanding characteristics like size, location, frequency of use, smoking habits... In the insurance world this information is collected usually using an application that we refer to as a Pricing tool (which may be an extension of a Policy Admin system). It is extremely important to have the right price derived of the input data collected, as it will determine if we are profitable or not within the next year (as contracts are written for 1 year usually). And this is where this team is having an impact through design, implementation, maintenance and reporting.

Leadership Team

Andrea Palkova

Head of Center Operations, HR and Communication

Katarina Macicova

Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics Delivery

Lucia Gregusova

Center Controller

Michal Uherek

Head of Non-life Pricing and Analytics Services

Milan Gildein

Head of Center IT Services

Martina Mrazikova

Finance Business Partner

Robert Belis

Manager IP Network Service Center Slovakia

Wolfgang H. Fischer

CEO / Head of Bratislava Branch Office

Janka Holesova

Head of Life Actuarial and Finance Services

Pavel Koci

Head of Risk Management Services

Andrej Belan

Head of IT Services

Sona Janzova

Legal Counsel