Open Day 2019


We are proud of our Zurich Open Day 2019 organized on a yearly basis in our premises where we regularly invite university´s students of Actuarial Science or Mathematics.


The purpose if this event is to show to students a „real actuary“, explain in more details what this person is doing and why it is such an amazing job. Most of them apply also for our one-year internship programme with rotation in Life Actuarial and Finance dept., Property & Casualty and Claims dept. and Risk Management dept.


This year, our employees introduced their job to 13 curious students and we believe that these young brave people will become our colleagues in a short period. Fingers crossed!

Creative classes at Zurich


We spent creative moments with children of the Zurich employees for the 2nd time this year. Work-life balance helps us feeling relaxed and satisfied at work, not just working hard on achieving our goals.


Nature is full of colours, people have been enjoying Halloween parties and we enjoyed making decorations with children during school holiday.


Our work place is even better and nicer place to stay thanks to these decorations.

Family day at Zurich

We organized another event for our employees, where they had opportunity to spend time and enjoy afternoon with their families by jumping, eating and networking. More than 130 colleagues with their family members participated in the Family day event organized every year.

We at Zurich will do our best to organize such an amazing event also next year and attract even more families or individuals to join the program.



Zurich Community Week


On Monday 27.5. Zurich in Bratislava started the Zurich Community Week. Volunteering employees have been helping various non profit organizations with manual activities, cooking for homeless people, origami sessions, coordinating IT basics courses and much more.


The Zurich Community Week is on of the most preferred event for Bratislava staff, when all of us can support someone who needs it, educate, help or just being there for another human being. Zurich in Bratislava is trying to make a difference and acting by example.

Zurich Insurance Company supporting IIHF World Championships

We have a strong tradition of supporting initiatives to drive high-performance sports and encourage talented young people. Through our activities at the national, regional and local level, we are committed to those who truly love sports. Our aim is to make a sustainable contribution to the quality of life and youth education in the communities where our customers, employees and shareholders live and work.


The World Hockey Championship 2019 is hosted by Slovakia. We are proud of being part of the Zurich team sponsoring this initiative and all of us cross fingers for our team.

Easter in Zurich

Work-life balance. Each employee wants to find it at work. As work-life balance is a part of our daily working lives at Zurich, we always try to overcome expectations and come with new ideas how to make easier coordinate private and working life.


Last time we came with activity during school holiday. We organized creativity classroom for children of Zurich employees. We took care of them so that their parents could work without any pressure.


In addition, the children created beautiful Easter decorations, which are now making our premises even more colorful and bringing a good mood to us while watching at them.


We are looking forward to organizing another event for employees and their families.

Girl's Day


In occasion of Girl´s Day we  joined initiative created by Aj Ty v IT and organized program for 20 young ladies studying at high school.


Purpose of this event is to show that companies employ women on technical positions and especially that these women employees grow professionally and become senior experts in fields that can be usually considered as world of men.


We are proud of our colleagues from all departments across Zurich in Bratislava who helped us to provide a brief introduction of their career story to the young ladies who are going to choose next step in their life – university.


That is why we believe we will be successful with breaking myths and attract more and more girls to work on technical position, ideally at Zurich