Zurich, company that cares

Zurich Insurance Company is not only a great place to work. We are here to care for people and as much as we care for our customers, we care for our employees - they are the essence of our business and add value to everything that we do. We care for their development as individuals as well as for growth of their careers. We care for others: we know we are part of something bigger therefore we care of communities around us. 

We care for your well-being

Either it is supporting your health and well being trough sport activities and health events or enabling you to keep your work life balance we play our part.

Work life balance is not just a phrase. We provide flexible working time, possibility to partially work from home, part time contracts or special set up for colleagues returning from maternity leaves. 

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We care for our communities

We want to be part of something bigger, part of the community. 

Z-Together is a group of employees who spend their time and energy on connecting people within the company trough internal activities, community work and cultural activities.

We organize Zurich Community Week, Eastern and Christmas Bazaar, we donate blood, we support NGO´s,  our people are able to support non-profit projects or even win a grant to do something specific for selected organizations. All this sheltered by the company and its Zurich Foundation.


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We offer unique career opportunities 

We know that what you do is equally important as where you do it. That is why we are providing our colleagues with unique job opportunities, interesting job content and enable them to use their potential.

If you are at the beginning of your career, we are ready to provide necessary support and training.

If you are progressing within your career, we will be respecting your experiences and providing challenging assignments.

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We care for your development

We care for your development 

Knowing our people, understanding their needs and motivators and enable their development is one of our key priorities. 

If you show great skills and motivation, opportunity will show up. We identify talents and develop them constantly. 

Traditional trainings, individual development tools, certifications support and trendy e-learning – all is available for you to help you grow.

We cooperate and share

People at Zurich cooperate and enjoy sharing their knowledge & expertise not only within their teams but also on cross team and cross country level trough organizing and delivering trainings, meet-ups or hackathons.

They cooperate to bring better results, share their knowledge to help each other´s growth, they excel as individuals and teams.

If you prefer less formal ways of learning new things, join our board games, Z-travelers evenings or organize a team breakfast for your team.
We cooperate and share