We care for your well-being

Many of us didn't like Maths at school. However, there were still people preserving positive approach towards this science. Nowadays they belong to a rare group of specialists who are snatched up from the labour market immediately. Actuaries.

Outflow of brains? Wrong!

Slovakia is no longer just a land of blue collars and call centers. Quite the opposite. Did you know there is a number of companies who turn smart mathematicians into specialists valued globally for their skills and offer them not only great and reputable jobs but a space for development? We are one of those companies - we built one of the most important European centers here.

More precisely, actuarial and IT centers. Created for those for whom numbers are a lifelong passion and want to implement this love at work. Zurich Insurance has nearly 200 employees in Slovakia and creates actuarial models for the entire corporation. Without them, the company could not work properly. There is a number of companies similar to Zurich Insurance on the market, so it is safe to say - educated people no longer need to leave Slovakia today.

Numbers, numbers, only numbers?

Mathematics is a complicated thing. Working with actuarial models requires maximum concentration throughout the whole day. Even a small mistake can cause a huge problem.

Work-life balance is therefore very important for actuarials. In attention demanding jobs breaks are essential. HR experts can confirm.

You can regularly see our actuarials exercising during their lunch breaks. Some go to the gym, others go for a swim or run. When jogging in Koliba they met Sajfa who was excited about the actuarial models as well. It is not by accident as his surname is Cifra (Numeral). What do you think who was more out of breath - the actuarials or Sajfa?

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