We offer unique job opportunities

It is ideal situation when hobby becomes a daily livelihood. While someone loves sport or art, the others are fascinated by numbers, mathematical models or various calculations. And these people that understand numbers and work on international level are the most valued at labor market. Part of this specific group of people are also actuaries - insurance mathematicians from Zurich Insurance Company in Bratislava. Did you know they were involved in major international projects?

Your work has an international impact

Data and results needed at Zurich Insurance Company's headquarter are coming out also from Zurich branch in Bratislava. Financial forecast run by Senior Life Actuarial Risk Analyst as well as applications developed by Scala Developers are used by insurance mathematicians and analysts around the world.

Actuarial Center's workers create insurance models and software using artificial intelligence and the latest technologies. Actuaries can predict what will happen with company finance in the near future or analyze in detail future risks. They are such a prophet, aren't they?

We support development of your abilities

Working with data requires employees´ focus and readiness. That is also the reason why the Zurich Insurance Company takes care of work-life balance of its employees. Besides that employees are often seen at sport, they also have many opportunities for learning, e. g. international certifications. It makes people moving forward and motivates them at  work.

As part of our team, you will have a huge space for self-realization and possibility to work in areas they you are interested in. See the video of our two colleagues that met Ján Gordulič and explained him hard sounding job titles. Ján found out whether Senior Life Actuarial Risk Analyst is really ready for any risk.

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