We care about our communities


Let us introduce you Dana Olah, who is working as actuary for us. Her story is just one of many where you can find out how we, at Zurich Insurance Company, help our communities. If you are not blind against what is happening around you, you will definitely fit in our culture.

Good things first

Many of you, perhaps, imagine people who work with numbers as austere professionals, who only find pleasure in their work. However, the fact is completely different and in the case of our actuary, Dana Olah, this notion cannot be further from the truth.

In addition to her work, she also does volunteering. She began during scouting where she was preparing a program for young scouts. From that point, it was not far away to volunteer work with socially disadvantaged children or people with disabilities. Together with her scout group, she lead the summer camp with full of games and education for children from roma communities.

In cooperation with Living TAK association, she participated in the movement and dance activities for people with mental disabilities. She is also working with OZ Imobilio, whose primary goal is the integration of people with disabilities. In addition, Dana devotes her free time to homeless people for whom she has organized various lectures to make it easier for them to return to normal life.

Inspiration for all of us

Dana is a great inspiration for all colleagues and a source of positive energy. She tries to motivate them and engage in volunteer activities where possible. That's why, for example, when Imobilio association needed help with construction work, Dana's colleagues did not hesitate and put a hand on the work.

When Zurich Foundation announced the Global Community Champion Award for community work in 2017, her colleagues nominated Dana for this award. She was probably the only one that was surprised by her victory. Money from the win went to five different non-profit organizations close to her heart. The whole team is glad they can work with someone like Dana, who is constantly motivating them to do maximum for communities in their neighborhood. Inspirated also by Dana, Zurich Insurance company does everything to make our world better and with more people who are not afraid of helping each other.

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